Gonzalo Tudela

Gonzalo Tudela

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First Name * Gonzalo
Last Name * Tudela
Username * GTudela
Country * España
City Palencia
Nationality Spanish


Current Position Designer;Lighter;Modeller;Project Manager;QA / Tester;Renderer
Areas of Expertise Graphic Design
Preferred Tools



Hello, I started to mess with computers when I was 11yr, started programming but soon I discovered Deluxe Paint II and did some little animations frame to frame, trying to mimic "Prince of Persia", years passed and I found myself self teaching 3d Studio Max, then I decided that someday I would like to work for the videogame industry.

Reality teached me that Spain is not the best place to work doing this, so I soon moved to graphic design but without forgetting my 3D past. I'm learning a lot.

Now I'm moving to Houdini and python in my free time, who knows, maybe someday I find a place to work in the vFX or videogame industry.

As most Sagitarius I'm a optimist dreamer and like to create worlds and histories.